Duffy Carolan has been representing news organizations and citizens seeking to hold their government accountable through the public records act and open meetings laws for nearly three decades. With offices in Northern and Southern California, she litigates public records access cases and defends the rights of journalists throughout the state. Contingent fee matters considered in appropriate cases.

Geographical Area Covered: Northern California

Appearances Fee: $300 – $500

Other Fees: Pro Bono Publico, Contingency, or Other Arrangements (that may reduce fee impact) may be permitted.

Attorney Experiences:

  • Access to courts and or judicial records
  • Access to public meetings
  • Access to public records
  • Copyright or other intellectual property law
  • Freedom of speech/petition/assembly etc.
  • Internet/Electronic communications
  • Libel/Invasion of privacy
  • News gathering torts trespass intrusion etc
  • Shield law and other journalists rights

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800 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90017