The range of my experience gives me the edge on getting results. I am an adjunct professor of law at two universities. I am a negotiator, a litigator and an appellate attorney. I practice in administrative, state and federal courts. I am a governmental affairs advisor (a fancy way of saying “lobbyist”). There are a thousand ways to solve any one problem. The trick is picking the optimal solution and crafting a strategy for success.

Geographical Area Covered: Northern California

Appearances Fee: $300 – $500

Other Fees: $300 – $500 Case evaluation fee negotiatiable. Pro Bono Publico, Contingency, or Other Arrangements (that may reduce fee impact)  are permitted.

Attorney Experiences:

  • Access to public meetings
  • Access to public records
  • Copyright or other intellectual property law
  • Freedom of speech/petition/assembly etc.
  • Internet/Electronic communications
  • Libel/Invasion of privacy
  • Municipal or other government law
  • Public official’s conflic of interest law
  • SLAPP suits

Contact Information

(530) 400-1653

(530) 297-7168


PO Box 719
Davis, CA 95617